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David JP Phillips Welcome! We are so pleased that you want to learn the art of Public Speaking and desire to improve your ability to Lead and Communicate.
We have just become ambassadors for David JP Phillips. David is an International Speaker and Expert on Presentation and Communication Skills and founder of JP University. He will be personally ensuring we teach you correctly.
You can check David out via this link:-
Should you enroll in this JP University course, David has provided us with a special code to allow you a 20% discount. Please use this code: JPU_pslacademy
We will not earn a commission. Instead, David will allow us to enroll school age children in the JP University course free of charge. The more people who enroll in JP University via PSL Academy, the more it will allow us to teach Communication Skills in schools, allowing teachers and children to study the course for 12 months free of charge.
David’s vision is to allow all children, everywhere in the world, access to the JP University course for free.
We endorse and partner in his vision and have made a commitment to help fund the course via our Academy by not taking any affiliate commissions.
We can’t wait to meet you!
Warmest regards
Jacqui Huntley & Jan Murdoch
Click link below to go to the JP UNIVERSITY website

Don’t forget to use this code to get 20% off JP University ‘JPU_pslacademy

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