What does PSLA Stand for?

Public Speaking and Leadership Academy

Who is David Phillips?

We have just become ambassadors for David Phillips.
David JP Phillips and ourselves have devoted our entire lives to the skill of communication and leadership.
Davids Phillips has three successful TEDx-talks under his belt and completed numerous studies and research, He has designed JP University as a coaching tool to help people develop communication and storytelling in a way he has reinvented communication skills.
Now he’s also reinvented the way you can learn it and you can get it via our membership.
WHY? Because your communication and presentation skills are the most important skills in your entire life!
Communication will influence every relationship you have, every presentation you deliver and any communication situation you are ever in.
Simply everything you are and become.

You can check David out via this link:-

Should you wish to enroll in JP University we have provided you with a special code for a 20% discount.

Please use this code: JPU_pslacademy Can’t wait to meet you and see you soon…

How do I join Public Speaking & Leadership Academy

PSLA Members pay just $10 AUD every meeting or can opt for a reduced annual fee, we host the most cost effective training programme on the planet.

You can Join for free as a guest for 2 meetings to see if its a fit for you!

The learning never stops we run training every week on Thursdays at 5.30 pm AWST (+8 GMT) to learn more come and join us this Thursday,

Sign up via Eventbrite https://publicspeakingleadershipacademy.eventbrite.com.au


If you have any questions feel free to send us an email below.

Regards Jac & Jan

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About Us

Public Speaking and Leadership Academy is inviting you to a Club Zoom meeting. Hope you can come regards Jacqui Huntley and Jan Murdoch. Please register your attendance via Eventbrite the link below if you have not already registered;.❤️👍

Get your tickets and zoom link from Eventbrite,
Its free to join for the first two meetings.

Then you are set to join us.

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