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Public Speaking & Leadership Academy
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Learn The Art of Communication and Leadership.

Join our Weekly Online Community reaching out to everyone, everywhere.

We can help you

Our programmes-training courses SERVICES WE PROVIDE...

We have a multitude of subjects for you to choose from:

Death by Powerpoint,
Neurotransmitter's and the use of language to engage people,
Strategic planning and development,
The 6 principles of anything,
Bridge the gap with belief,
Stage Craft & Self leadership,
Body language,
Leadership (foundational)
Controlling Nervousness,
Conducting Committee meetings,
Tech skills using video software,
digital marketing and Funnel Building

When It Comes To Trust
Our names are Jacqui & Jan


We are so pleased that you want to learn the art of Public Speaking and desire to improve your ability to Lead and Communicate.

If you're Looking for a fun way to improve your communication & build leadership skills to help you grow as a person, you have found it!

We are the Public Speaking & Leadership Academy, we run weekly online meetings which allow you to learn the art of speaking to an audience in a supportive and comfortable setting.

Public Speaking and Leadership Academy is an online community educational programme.

Here are a few of the many benefits.

Improve your public speaking & build leadership skills,

Grow your Network in a small and supportive environment,

Learn the leadership roles we offer during the meetings,

Practice every week in a safe space,

Train for a leadership promotion,

Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace,

Enjoy unlimited personal growth,

Maximize your potential,

Practice writing speeches and presenting in a group setting,

Gain self-confidence and self-awareness, meet new people.

Learn how to give and Receive regular constructive feedback.

Our education programs allow you to leverage practical workplace skills.

video preparation and easy to use DIY software.

Leadership development,
Strategic Planning and Conflict resolution,

We will help you develop frameworks for use in everyday life, as well as improve your speeches,

Stage Presence and speech craft.

plus improve your use of language,
confidence and energy.

We have just become ambassadors for David Phillips.

David JP Phillips and ourselves have devoted our entire lives to the skill of communication and leadership.

With David's three successful TEDx-talks we are in good standing and leadership.

Because your communication and presentation skills are the most important skills in your entire life!

Communication will influence every relationship you have, every presentation you deliver and any communication situation you are ever in.

Simply everything you are and become.

PSLA Members pay just $10 AUD every meeting or can opt for a reduced annual fee.
We host the most cost effective training programme on the planet.

You can Join for free as a guest for 2 meetings to see if its a fit for you?

The learning never stops we run training every week on Thursdays at 5.30 pm AWST (+8 GMT) to learn more come and join us this Thursday,

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What our customers are saying about us

My gratitude goes to Jacqui and Jan, without their support I would be still far away from discovering my true purpose. Their dedication, their patience and determination to see me succeed has paid off. I will always be grateful for what they have done. They changed my life.


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